Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2021-10-25

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2021-10-25

Meeting start:

Disarmament Week Monday


Last meeting: 2021-10-11
Next meeting: 2021-11-01















Follow up on Summit Notes → Tickets

Allow test editing without verification

It was confirmed that test.mb uses a dummy database and given that, there were no objections. Additionally it was suggested that the e-mails that do get added to test get wiped periodically. Also possibly to have a test e-mail address specifically for this.

@reosarevok agreed to make a ticket for this.

Allow account admins to see editor-editor subscriptions?

It was noted that most of the MetaBrainz team already has direct db access so they could look this up if they wanted to and @mr_monkey mentioned a possibly applicable part under Exceptions of our Privacy Policy. @rob said he was okay with this and no other objections were raised.

Removing empty accounts - last

Next meeting PSA

It’s an hour later (thanks @amCap1712 :slight_smile: ).

The applicable times can always be found at:

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