Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2018-05-21

#MetaBrainz Meeting 2018-05-21

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Mentorship Program

A bit of talk back and forth and some suggestions about the . @chhavi suggested looking at the GSoC mentor/mentee expectations.

@drsaunde asked for potential mentors to step up.

There were some discussion about working together, with GCI being brought up as a comparison. @Freso noted that GCI’s time sensitivity does not really apply to the proposed mentorship program. Obviously, mentors will be free to ask for advice about something from other mentors, and even community members outside the program, but likely no need to organise in the same way that GCI is.

@drsaunde will revise his proposal and include some initial mentors and return with more updates later.

MBS-9680 + user renames

There was widespread consensus that 3. is the way to go, even if it will take a bit longer and be more cumbersome to implement initially. @Rob noted that «this isn’t the critical path for GDPR, so it is fine to let it run out a bit. as long as we stay on it.»

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