Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2018-04-09

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2018-04-09

Meeting start:













This week I worked on refactoring some dump_manager code in CB. Also, sent in a PR to call for action to MusicBrainz for adding missing Cover arts via CB. (on review and release group pages). Also, started working on adding blurbs (quick reviews) for entities on CB. Should be able to open up the PR for blurbs this week.[/quote]






*Brainz account deletion

There was additional technical discussion as well as some general comments and questions, but there was overall consensus for figuring out a way to go down path #1.


I eventually found a solution for me so it’s OK but do you think that has to do with my issues accessing MB?
I installed an extension to Vivaldi called Proxy SwitchyOmega and enabled a proxy for *, * and *
Without that, those three domains (only) were not responding to me (office connection behind firewall), recently.


Not sure what’s your issue here, contact me on IRC, so we can sort it out.


Thanks for your help. Acutally I work arounded it so no problem. :+1:
I think each time certificates change, it breaks my access for a little time then everything comes back to normal, after one or two weeks. And I have that tool for the period in between, so NP. :slight_smile: