Notes from #MetaBrainz meeting 2018-03-12

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2018-03-12

Meeting start:













(@Freso requested that this kind of extended discussion should happen in its own agenda item for the meeting rather than being discussed during reviews.)











Code of Conduct/Privacy Policy/Social Contract

Summit date

A bit of discussion about whether to hold Summit 18 in Barcelona or India, but it was decided to keep it in Barcelona for at least this year again.

For dates, September 8/9, 15/16, and 29/30 were thrown around, with 8/9 being discarded. Since it seems like most people would be good with 29/30, that was decided for a tentative date pending any objections or other input at meeting next week.

Tentative decision about next summit: September 29th–30th, 2018 in Barcelona.

Picard beta releases

Design ticket

MBS-1159: Add support for 3-point relationships

@bitmap noted that there is «nothing currently planned» and @yvanzo added «not 2018 for sure». @bitmap continued to mention that there was some previous discussion he would have to dig up, and gave a very tentative ETA of «2019 maybe?».

Notes from #MetaBrainz meeting 2018-03-19
Add an instrument type for standard groupings [STYLE-936]