Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2018-01-29

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2018-01-29

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ws/1 death

Talk about whether and when ws/1 should die. It was brought up that it has been deprecated for 7 years and has low usage. It was decided that @Rob would make a blog post announcing to take it down 6 months after the blog post.

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Blog post about ws/1 was posted on February 1st announcing it being taken down on August 1st this year:

Could someone explain dragonzeron comment on removing artist wiki pages, are these bad/wrong pages or are we not to put wiki pages in for artist?

I believe we want to get rid of wikipedia pages and use wikidata links instead.
wikidata is a database behind wikipedia where an entry can contain lots of properties (such as the musicbrainz release group or artist entry) and links to wikipedia in all languages.
So if you link to wikidata you get the wikipedia url’s for all languages, this would allow musicbrainz would be able to show the wikipedia page in your language instead of the English(or other language) wikipedia page


Thank you, very informative, I will go back through my adds and see if I did it correctly. Maybe an update to some of the guides are needed or I may have missed something.

FWIW: it’s fine to add Wikipedia links (they will just eventually be replaced by Wikidata ones, which can be done automatically). It’s also fine to remove them if a Wikidata link is already present, but it’s not like you have to do it either, it will also eventually happen automatically :slight_smile: