Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-09-25

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-09-25

Meeting start:













Spam situation food‐for‐thought

Summit prep. last questions

@Freso mentions he would like to try and livestream the summit somehow, but asks 1) whether anyone participating in the summit have any strong objections to this, and 2) if anyone has ideas or hints about how to go about it contact him.

@Quesito asks people to put forth their final questions and asks a couple herself, with @Rob answering all.

@Rob also puts forth a number of things he would like to have pre-summit meetings about in smaller groups/teams and suggests people that might be interested to follow along on the wiki.

Next meeting?

Since the following Monday will still have most @MetaBrainz people in Barcelona doing (post-)summit stuff and/or traveling home from Barcelona, @Freso suggests that the next meeting will be cancelled. He also asks whether to cancel the meeting for the following Monday.

It was decided to cancel the meeting on Monday the 2nd of October, but keep the meeting on the 9th of October.