Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-09-11

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-09-11

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Summit t‐shirts

To finish up the decision on designs for the summit t-shirts, @Quesito and @chhavi has been working on some suggestions:

We had a vote for the front design, the back design, and the t-shirt base colour. The back design in particular sparked a lot of conversation, so be sure to check the actual chatlogs for details. In the end, the votes were distributed as follows (note the usage of the design number in the upper left corner rather than the slide number):
Front: 1 vote for #2, 1 vote for #3, and 9 votes for #4.
Back pt. 1 (overall): 3 votes for #1, 3 votes for #2, 2 votes for #3, 3 votes for #4, and 4 votes for text over #1 with alignment of #4.
Back pt. 2 (“revote” between #1 and #1/#4 combo): 3 votes for #1, 2 votes for #4, 4 votes for #1/#4 combo.
Colour pt. 1: 1 vote for black OR white, 1 vote for green, and 4 votes for off-white/natural white. (@Quesito then stated that black and green would not be considered, since they’d clash with the chosen front/back designs.)
Colour pt. 2 (white vs. natural): Unanimous agreement on natural white/off-white.

So final result is that the summit t‐shirts will have front design of #4, back design with the text of #1 but layout of #4, on a natural white t-shirt.