Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-06-26

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-06-26

Meeting start:















MB User Survey

Decided to release the user survey on July 5th. Uncertainty of who to write the announcement blog post though. @Leo_Verto was suggested, but not confirmed. Will review again next meeting.

Spam review

@Rob asking for an update on anti-spam measures. What has been writted, what has been merged, what has been run.

@bitmap noted that some of the spam deterring measures had been merged, though not yet released. @yvanzo remarked that spam account removal scripts would likely be ready to run this week and that some more spam deterring PRs were awaiting review.

@Rob noted that we haven’t received any more DMCA take-down requests from Google. @bitmap notes this is probably due to user collections already being blocked in robots.txt.

@Rob said that he’ll collect more information and @zas is coming up with more ideas and that they should circle the wagons afterwards and plan the next move(s).

Picard meetings

@Freso asks whether the weekly Picard meetings are still relevant, as nobody showed up to the last one (Tuesday, 20th of June).

Agreed to put Picard meetings on hold for now. Discussions can either be had on the Monday meetings or we can decide to organise Picard meetings again at a later date.


On behalf of users on the forum, @reosarevok asks whether we have any plan for classical.

@Quesito outlined a plan:

  1. Form group, if interest
  2. Appoint leader
  3. World domination

@Rob and @reosarevok agreed to have a talk during the week to get something more concrete, but basically it still seems what is wanted is improved UX rather than schema changes.

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