Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-03-06

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2017-03-06

Meeting start:


  • Reviews
  • Schema change
  • DR: CB-4
  • BrainzBot brain plugin















Schema change

@Bitmap recommended that we proceed with the Q2 schema change and listed a number of tickets he’d like to see for it:

@Rob asked @Bitmap to estimate time for each of the tickets, with the goal of this schema change being «a total cake walk».

DR: CB-4

@Gentlecat asks if we should «just implement ratings separately from MB or is that a bad idea?»

It was suggested that ratings got moved off of MusicBrainz and to CritiqueBrainz instead, but it was noted that MusicBrainz has ratings for more entities than can currently be reviewed in CritiqueBrainz.

There was some talk about utilising for a centralised ratings storage, so other projects such as BookBrainz could interface with CritiqueBrainz to handle ratings, assuming a usable API. (It was noted that ratings are currently exposed in MusicBrainz’s API as writeable, so this would need consideration if ratings move entirely from MB to CB.)

At the end, discussion turned towards decoupling the ratings from reviews-with-a-rating, so it would be possible to tie a rating to a review but also be able to rate the reviewed entity outside of the review.

However, the meeting ran out of time, so no meaningful conclusion could be made. @Gentlecat would make a new ticket specifically for ratings tied to reviews, and it was urged that someone also brought it up on the forums, but no volunteers for this. Possibly to be brought up at meetings again once it’s been discussed some more in the community.

[Editor’s note: Tickets for this are live at CB-244: Implement a rating system and CB-245: Migrate entity ratings from MusicBrainz to CritiqueBrainz, and there’s forum discussion too.]

BrainzBot brain plugin

There wasn’t time to discuss this at this meeting, so it’s been postponed until next week.


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