Notability check before adding a release to MusicBrainz

And that’s great if you think “Joey Velour and his Velvet Suit orchestra”, who run the same 3 hour set, 7 days a week, twice on Saturdays, for the tourists at the “not quite Vegas Hotel and Diner”, should be able to post 417 events each year.

But you won’t find me participating in it. The listing of the band is fine, but the event list seems silly.
Again, I reiterate, this could just be because of where and when I grew up. I am fully aware of how much non-sense there is out there.

However, the guy at the local music store made an album as a way to show off the capabilities of one of the electronic instruments. Very well done. Not just some “slop it together” hodge podge of non-sense. I did post it.
But he already had an artist entry. I wouldn’t have created an entry for him if it was just this release. But since his page existed, I did add it to the list.

And I wouldn’t ask you to. MusicBrainz is run on volunteer effort, and it’s not on us to tell volunteers what to spend their limited time on. You work on the things you want to work on, and others work on what they want to work on.

I will ask you to not tell other editors that what they’re interested in editing is “non-sense” or “silly”, if it’s the things they’re genuinely interested in though.


Other than voicing my opinions here in this type of discussion, and at work where my opinion is money, I would never waste time trolling someone.


I appreciate you voicing your opinion. I hope I didn’t give the impression that I didn’t appreciate your input.

One thing I like is that the community guidelines box pops up to the right(bottom right in the browser preview of this message). How does that trigger? Sometimes I want it up there as a reminder to be friendly and helpful.

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In a nutshell: Must a song be available for download or can songs be catalogued in MusicBrainz even if they are only provided in a streamable format?

I think I agree(though I’m still confused and have some self-doubt whether that’s the case) after watching this Youtube video “MINE DIAMONDS | miNECRAFT PARODY OF TAKE ON ME” which has 7,308,310 views. I cannot understand how that video got so popular. The Youtube user has 243 thousand subscribers. Just a wild guess: Personally I think that the song is more notable than my song SummerChocolate. It is based on a notable song which I assume makes the cover also notable. What do you think, I’m interested in feedback here.

There are a lot of videos so maybe there is talent in this and possibly dedication and entertainment value(for the target audience). Maybe even a Wikipedia page will describe this one day. These videos exist but Youtube doesn’t have download links so it’s not possible to download the songs and at the same time follow the terms of use of the site(I believe without researching the topic any further).

So basically, these songs exist in a streamable format on Youtube but would it be appropriate for them to also appear and being described on MusicBrainz given that some Editor thinks it is worth their time(for whatever reason they chose it is worth their time) and would it be appropriate for the Youtube user to be described as an artist on MusicBrainz?

Again, just brainstorming. I’m looking for feedback by anybody who wants to contribute their opinions. Thank you

Yes. If the music exists, it is notable enough. It doesn’t matter if it’s the YouTube channel of your friend from high school who has a Rolling Stones cover band and is absolutely tone-deaf. If the music has been listened to seven million times, it’s probably notable enough for Wikipedia even, if they tried to add it. The whole idea of notability doesn’t require the music to be any good (after all, a lot of very popular music isn’t that good, and some is popular because it isn’t good). And the idea of limiting additions to “notable” music is not only terribly subjective, but would block a lot of good additions, like most of this classical channel, unless the threshold was set at a very low number of views.

The main question with that video is: “is the artist name ‘MineCraft Awesome Parodys’ or what”? :smiley:


NOT thank you, @reosarevok, making me hear this auto‐tuned disaster…


Well I don’t think so after researching this a bit. He finally released it on Google Play Music as the release “Welcome to My Mine” by Mcap Steve. He released a video 2 weeks ago promoting it. It is also available on iTunes.

Track 10 is called “Mine Diamonds”. On iTunes that track has a star on it.

Why, oh why, is there not a ‘dislike’ shattered-heart button under that post? :stuck_out_tongue:

Different releases can have different artist credited as, so I’d think the YouTube one would have credited as “MineCraft Awesome Parodys”.

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I’m glad to now see that this is merely a question, not a page explaining how famous a work has to be before it is welcome on MusicBrainz. In another thread linking to this one, I misunderstood and wrongly assumed that there is a degree of prejudice towards musicians which I now see is not the case so I’d like to apologise for not following the link earlier. I was not trolling, in case it appeared that way.