Not Using Series As Album Names

I have been using music Brainz for a while, but something that always bothers me, is that they use Series as music album names and the even put other cover images on it and not the original one, how can i do so i get the album real name and not the “Series” name

Not entirely sure what you mean. Are you talking about tagging files with Picard, or about the naming of an album in the MusicBrainz database on ? Can you give an example?

Assuming it’s the same as this tweet then it’s Picard :slight_smile:

I suggested something but Picard experts might have better ideas!

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Ok, so I think this is about Picard loading compilations instead of albums. Most important thing here is to always cluster the unmatched files, than use lookup on the clusters. Don’t use scan unless lookup does not give you results. The advise from Twitter is adjusting preferred release types is also valid, but cluster → release is the most important thing. If everything fails search the release manually.

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Thank you! When I get home I’ll try, much as gracias reo!