No0b Question on scripting

Hi guys,
I have mucked about a little with trying to use scripting and to be honest i was hoping to find someone else’s script to do the job for me but what I want to do is to simple I think.
what i really want is a script that takes my mess of music and saves it into a folder for artist only and removes track numbers… eg…
music folder\queen\fat bottom girls.mp3

if there is a duplicate name then it adds a (1) eg…
music folder\queen\fat bottom girls(1).mp3

can someone just make that happen for me??? please

That’s probably the most simple script ever requested :smiley: Try:


On saving Picard will automatically add the numbers like (1) at the end, but this can currently not be customized (so you can’t set it to e.g. use [1] or some other pattern).

Please note that MB / Picard is in general best used on complete albums, that’s why you will find most scripts using a structure including the album name. But if you really just care about the song and the artist you can do this of course.

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