No track number on files when saved with clustering

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Like the title says. I have a lot of music that is too obscure to find metadata on. When I try to save with clustering my files are not renamed with tracknumber. Only title. Please help! Thank you!


Hi Robfan.
More experienced volunteers will be along soon.
Do your files have track number meta-data already?
Have a read of
Tags/Before Tagging/

Clear existing tags: Checking this will remove all existing metadata and leave your files with only MusicBrainz metadata. Information you may have added through another media player such as genre, comments or ratings will be removed.
Remove ID3 tags from FLAC files: Check to remove ID3 tags from FLAC files – Vorbis Comments are recommended for FLAC files. Picard will write Vorbis Comments to FLACs regardless of this setting.
Remove APEv2 tags from MP3 files: Check to remove APEv2 tags from MP3 files – ID3 is recommended for MP3s. Picard will write ID3 tags to MP3s regardless of this setting.
Preserve these tags from being cleared or overwritten with MusicBrainz data: This is an advanced option: If you have tags which you need to preserve, enter their names here to stop Picard from overwriting them._

The much slower, perhaps a long term project, is to add your music to the database.
The advantages of that process include:
You will know your music better.
You can very pretty easily update your tags in the future to benefit from others’ additions on Musicbrainz to the releases you have.


If I understand correctly you just cluster your files, than hit save, right? Clustering by itself does nothing to your files, it just uses existing tags in your files to guess which files belong together. When saving it just uses your already existing tags to save and rename, and if there are no existing track number tags the saved filenames also can’t have track numbers.

What you actually should do after clustering is selecting the clusters and then use the “lookup” button. This will search for releases on MusicBrainz matching your clusters, load the data for those releases into the right pane and move your files from the left pane in that right pane matched to the loaded releases. You can then check if everything was matched correctly and save.

General rule: The left pane where you also see the clusters just holds your files with existing tags. You can manually edit tags there, but as long as the files stay in this pane Picard will not use anything from
The right pane shows data (release and track metadata) loaded from MusicBrainz. Only if you files are matched to those track will they use he new tags from MusicBrainz when being saved.


Thank you for your answer. I already knew this. The thing is I have tags, filenames, tracknumbers etc but musicbrainz cant scrobble the info because the releases doesn’t exist. The saving from the cluster pane seems to do part of the job. It makes the folders, renames the files. The only thing missing is the tracknumbers. The filenaming code is set at default. Any ideas or should I just use other software when I have pre existing tags?


I assume you mean that they don’t (currently) exist in the MusicBrainz database, to which the answer is that you should add them to the MusicBrainz database:


That’s a good idea of course! Is that ok to do even if I only have minimal info? No year, no publisher etc.


Are you sure your files have track numbers in the tags? Because if they have the file naming should use it.

Yes, this works for renaming with existing tags. You can even skip pressing cluster, clustering really does nothing to the saving and renaming. It is only really useful in combination with lookup.


100 percent sure! Maybe time to reinstall!


I’m wondering if your file naming script got changed, then. Mind going to that page in the options and checking it, or posting it here for us to check? I’m going to be a bit busy today so I won’t be able to fix it myself if that is the problem, but there’s definitely others here who can do so. The only other thing I can think of is if your track numbers got saved to the wrong field, but I’m not entirely sure how that would have happened.


As long as you know that it’s an actual release (and not, say, your own homebrew mixtape/glorified playlist), we’d rather have the information you have on the release than no information at all. :slight_smile: (Heck, it’s even possible to add releases that don’t even have a track list, if you e.g., only know that the release exists, but not anything else about it!)