No thumbnails after several days


To make it show in the sidebar on the right, you have to set the type to “Front” (done so now):


Of course. And in case of multiple Front images, top position takes precedence. And it says so in the How to Add Cover Art Note. (Maybe all drop-down menus should collapse to chosen alternative highlighted, to meet user intuition with consistency (at Choose Type, Search Edits, and everywhere).) Thanks again.


2016-11-26 16:54 UTC mbid-0f831ee3-8b76-42aa-84d4-8236fb380a35
Front shows, others do not.

2016-11-24 14:09 UTC mbid-ab3a132e-b4aa-451b-8d2a-f0bd862712bf
Last 2.

Edit: Fixed, tank you.