No Ratings in the 'WORKS' tree (of an artist)

Hi all,
when looking for the WORK of a specific artist, there are no ratings in the WORKS-part of the data.
This applies to all artists.
Here is an example for an API call:

Am I doing anything wrong or how can I retrieve ratings for the works of an artist



That’s a quick summary of up to 25 works by the artist, and I guess we just don’t add anything else to them. To browse all works by an artist, including ratings and whatnot, what you want is this, I think:


Thank you for your help!

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Hi reosarevok,
I have to ask again.
I tried your URL with several artists, but in all cases the value of the works ratings are NULL.
Is this intended or a bug?

– Ulrich

Did the works have ratings? :slight_smile: I expect most works not to be rated at the moment.