No more cover art

Hey guys,

Picard doesn’t recognize any of my music anymore, no titles and more important, no cover art.
I know i most likely forgot something to download but can’t remember what that was.

It has been over 2 years since i used Picard due to some major problems.

So can you help me out here?


Grab a screen shot of an album added to Picard. (Snipping tool is good for that as you can paste images direct to the forum)

Were these tagged before? Or are they fresh albums you are trying to identify?

When you say “no titles” - are you meaning on the left or right hand side of Picard?

What are you tagging - MP3, FLAC, OGG, other?

As you can see this is the result of an album i loaded earlier in Picard, om the left.
On the right i loaded the same album but no art, but it should be there as you can see on the lef.
I think i remember something like ‘fpsalc’ that i needed to download, but i’m not really sure.

You don’t say which OS you are using, but there shouldn’t be the need to download anything else.

I assume you have this Canadian edition?

In Picard, go and check your ARTWORK settings in OPTIONS. Make sure you have “Cover Art Providers” ticked on “Cover Art Archive” and maybe “CAA Release Group”


I forgot to mention that i work on a Mac.

Seems to be working now, thanks for the help.


I’ll take the credit for scaring your Mac into behaving. :rofl:

I assume if those options were correct, then it was probably a network delay\hiccup. Great to hear it behaving now. :slight_smile: