No cover art on "Recent listens" page after connecting Spotify


I used to keep my listens up-to-date by importing from, starting yesterday I linked my Spotify to ListenBrainz so I don’t have to do this anymore.

After linking Spotify I now automatically see my listens on my page, but none of the songs have cover art. When I click on the “missing” art (which says Add cover art in MusicBrainz) I get to the MusicBrainz page that has the correct cover art.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’ve noticed this issue too, mostly on a friends page who uses Spotify, but I think also on my page, and I don’t use Spotify (tho I may be misremembering on the second part)

I have similar problem sometimes, but refreshing the page a couple of times usually works. Also, sometimes when I’m using VPN I don’t see any covers on my new listens too, changing countries/turning it off fixes it.

It could be a number of issues – providing a link that shows the problem would actually let us help you better.

My bad, looks like I forgot to paste the URL with an example…

On this page you can see the problem: ListenBrainz

If you inspect the song called ‘Bitter Taste’ you’ll see one with the cover art and one without. Both lead to the same recording on MusicBrainz. The listens also both have the same caa_id which I think is the cover art id?

edit: looks to be a problem on my end… I changed browsers (from Firefox to Chrome) and now I see cover art for every song.

ok, because I am on Firefox and I see the cover-art. Another thing – the coverart does not get served from our fast servers in Germany, but actually from servers inside the Internet Archive is which is air cooled from the cool air in San Francisco. (I wish I was kidding). So, when SF has a hot day, cover art suffers.


@mr_monkey, this issue was mentioned as part of LB-1148, but I don’t know if it got included in the PR?

re. differentiating between ‘cover art doesn’t exist in MB’ vs ‘art exists but isn’t displaying [for any reason]’.

Let me know if it’s worth me making a new ticket :+1:

I looked into what caused this issue on my end, it turned out it was a browser add-on (PrivacyBadger) blocking Not sure why that would also lead to cover art not loading but allowing traffic to fixed the issue for me in Firefox.

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For listens that were submitted from Spotify, and for which we have a spotify id, we load the cover art directly from Spotify using said id. Same goes for Youtube listens.
If we don’t have that information, we fall back to trying to get it from Cover Art Archive instead, based on the data we have in MusicBrainz.

The reason we do this is to avoid showing cover art that is different from the one the user saw on their Spotify which can be confusing.

That being said, we could possibly make that a configuration option if you think it would help (although it wouldn’t make it clear for users in the same situation as you, they would have to understand the root of the issue before changing their settings)


@aerozol I checked, and we do indeed make that distinction and make it clear:

It is however possible that the extension in question was blocking requests to spotify in such a way that it did not result in an error, which is what we are relying on here. I’ll investigate further.

EDIT: As I feared, the requests are blocked rather than failing, and don’t trigger any error, hence why the “we could not load…” cover art fallback is never shown.
Unfortunately I don’t think there is anything I can do in this case to improve the situation :confused:

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Can we load the (!) image as the default background? That gets covered by the cover art, when/if it loads?

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