Nil Documentation: a thought experiment

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This is a hypothetical. Maybe (or maybe not) progress towards better documentation can be gained by identifying all the benefits that having no text documentation would bring.
If you just have to list the negative, then please start another thread and list the negatives there.
“Documentation” is being used here to refer only to all the Documentation for editors around that drop down list under “Editing”. (Coders are keeping there Documentation.)

  1. New users won’t be able to avoid using the forums. ‘‘Hi.If you want to use Picard please come to the Forums and we’ll get you started.’’

  2. Making the (new user) UI largely self-explanatory with mouse-over explanatory text, edit visualisation boxes, etc etc might be seen as high priority.

  3. Editors would begin to have fond memories of the good old days when there was documentation.

You’ve probably got other positive outcomes.
Please add them to this thread.


Certainly a thoughtful starting point. A benefit is that you have to make the interface as intuitive as possible. In practice of course, this is very hard to get right, which may be feasible for those with Apple’s resources but less achievable for MusicBrainz.
As a pretty amateur hacker of a Picard plugin, it suggests how I can improve things if I care to…
But a useful paradigm, nonetheless.