Nightly Builds

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Could someone please inform me where on the web or ftp I might be able to download nightly builds of picard?

Thank You!

I don’t think that there are “nightly builds”, but you can always run it from the source code. The project is on GitHub.

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There are continuous builds for all commits and branches for Windows and macOS, but unfortunately they are currently not public. That’s one thing I’d like to see changed.

The builds are done on GitHub Actions, and by itself it does not allow public access to build artifacts. So we’d need to automate uploading them somewhere publicly accessible.


Thank You for the quick reply. I wish I had a server to play with so I could offer to host them and make them publicly available… Hopefully one day…

Actually, I think you can get the latest builds from @outsidecontext’s branch on GitHub by selecting the latest action and download the artifact from the appropriate test. Of course, this will only get his latest builds but that will almost always be pretty close to the current master version.

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Interesting. Shouldn’t it then also work on the main repository?

You likely need to be logged in at least to GitHub. But then, who can access one or both of those links:

This word be the link to the currently latest build:

And here a recent build in my fork:

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It looks like you don’t need to be logged in. I just tried accessing the page after logging out and it seemed to work.

You can access the page when not logged in but you can’t download the actual files. The links are greyed out and not clickable.


Right you are. I didn’t actually try downloading. Sorry about that.