Newbie question. How are two releases handled with different names?

So in my case there are two identical versions of the same album, with different names?

In my situation there is:

1988 エスケープ・モール:



The first is already listed on MusicBrainz under this release group. But the latter does not exist. Both have exactly the same songs. The only difference is the first is released under a label, a different cover art and of course the title.

Would this be a situation where split naming is used? E.g. 1988 / 1988 エスケープ・モール? Or would a new release group be created?

The release should be added as a separate release in the same release group.


Thanks. Done.

Now if only there weren’t two artist names between the different albums (e.g. Zadig The Jasp vs. Zadig the Jasp)…though I’m guessing this is just entered as it’s presented on the releases.

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You may use “credited as” when linking to an artist to provide credits exactly as on release art.

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We do standardise things if there isn’t a sign of artist intent. In the case of one page using an uppercase ‘The’ and the other not, that seems trivial enough. I doubt someone said “hey this artist’s name need to be spelled with an uppercase ‘The’ on this release!” (e.g. intent). So you can just go with how the artist (or MB guidelines) capitalise it for both releases imo.

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