Newbie question: Am i looking at the right example?

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Trying to understand things here, i went to check the examples linked from the Help page, but i had a difficulty believing i should recreate these relations in new edits. It just makes no sense to me:
Ancillary Mercy (Paperback) Edition page does not link to either a Work or its Author.
Ancillary Mercy (E-book) page states that the Edition (not any Work) is written by the Author.
• The Ancillary Mercy Work, available from the Author’s page, is linked to a 404 Edition and not the above ones.
• The Ancillary Mercy Work links to a Wikidata ID which redirects to another one, merged on WD in 2015.
• The pages for Ancillary Mercy (Paperback) Edition and the Ancillary Mercy Edition Group both link, with redirection or directly, to the same Wikidata item which is for a Work (well, back from Dec 2019, but it makes sense for WD to have mostly work items and leave something, the swarms of editions, for BookBrainz doesn’t it?)

I can’t dare to fix it as i’d think would be right because these are the Help page examples everyone probably starts from. Everyone approved them as correct, then, and i’m missing something (that i need to understand before changing anything in this database). Edition group is the most vague and taste-dependent matter anyway.

Also, The Classic Horror Stories page also mentioned in Help doesn’t open for some reason, not even a 404 but a server hang.


You’re right of course.
Strange enough that I never had a look at these examples :wink:
These are really fine examples to confuse beginners (and everyone else.)
I fixed some of the issues, but I don’t know what happened to the classic horror stories…


Thanks, it turns much easier to understand now.


@coolpisc I saw your submissions on the revision list and expected to make some corrections to them, but I was pleasantly surprised to find they were perfect. It does pay to ask questions. Keep up the great work.