Newbie-Can Picard Display be changed? + Can I only get title not album?

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I am trying to clean up thousands of artist - title tracks, many are from Various Artist Compilations. I do not need them separated by folders of artist-title-year-genre etc just one giant folder of artist-track I will use catalog software to create play lists from the tag sorting.

1st question: How do I get MB to stop displaying the album and burying the track I need inside that album with a bunch of other titles I do not have or want.? So the results only displays tracks

2nd quest: Is it possible to get the results display to look like this


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You can’t get Picard not to show albums, because it is an album-based tagger.

It needs to be to effectively determine how to fill most of the metadata of a given track, most of which describe what the track is a part of. I don’t know if a tagger exists which simply takes an individual AcoustID and just gives you a title and artist for the one track. Sometimes a single recording can even have a different title and artist credit between album releases it is found on.


I’m almost certain that with the right script you’ll be able to get Picard to dump all your newly tagged audio files into one folder - with the files named “artist-track”.

Is having tracks put into albums a problem because it slows you down?
Having the tracks related to albums allows you to increase the accuracy of the matches quite a bit by checking that things match correctly.
If accuracy is low priority for you and speed high priority then you could just accept whatever matches Picard makes without opening the album to check.
But yeah, if you want some increased accuracy then the album view will slow you down.

General Question to All
: Is there some way to have the albums presented in expanded view by default?


@cinnkid Actually there is one thing you can do to not have albums listed in Picard, but it’s not exactly practial: go directly to a recording’s page on the website, add ?tport=8000 to the URL, and you can now have Picard load that recording as a stand-alone recording. It’s not really quicker than just dealing with the compilation albums, and you’d miss out on a lot of metadata.


Actually if the tracks and their current info (some have tag info) can be displayed in column style as I request, then simply scrolling to each track, there is the length, if the length is the same as original recording I would choose that tag info, if the length was diff, then whichever has closest match. with the help of acousticID its possible to narrow the results.

all the info provide in replies is much appreciated


Right, Picard isn’t really designed for that, it relies quite heavily on a recording’s placement within an album to identify it. It’d be possible to attempt to identify recordings purely by their individual length, sound, and random assortment of tags, while avoiding bothering you with the album this recording is found within, but that’d be an entirely different methodology and user interface.

Before I used Picard, I noticed VLC has, I believe, an AcoustID-based individual track identifier. The interface is very crude, and the results are pretty inaccurate. But it only cares what the one track you’re identifying might be.