Newb with karaoke file name DAT question

I was looking over the forum and didn’t see anything for this part of my plan.

I’m trying to organize my karaoke collection by adding tags to it all (genre and year mostly).

While I’m at it I wanted to fix naming typos, but want to know if it’s possible to rename files while retaining the karaoke ID I need for my other program, in that industry’s Disc-Artist-Title format.

KAR123-01 - Elvis - Hond Dog
KAR123-01 - Elvis Presley - Hound Dog

Thanks in advance!

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Is this ID only in the filename or also in the tags? If it is in the tags (and visible in Picard) you could use that tag in the file naming string.

Otherwise you could first do a run over all files using Tag From Filenames. I need to look into this myself, but I guess it should be possible to read that ID into a custom tag this way. Then disable both rename and move files and only enae save tags to files to save this special tag. Afterwards it could be used in the file naming script again.

The above is all theory, not tried it myself :slight_smile:

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File name isn’t in the tags but I can try to do that. Digging around I’m not seeing an option to tag based on file names. Would that be a custom script as well?

Wait, found it. I’ll play around but that may be it!