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Hello all -
I have an old library of songs, a mix of MP3 and M4P files, approx 6k songs. I had Picard scan them, and I started working through them to validate the matches, and I got up to about the letter J in album artists when Picard crashed. :expressionless: I’ve now re-scanned the library, and a bunch of the albums on the right side have the star on the icon, but when I go look at the songs I can’t see any changes that Picard wants to make in the tags.
Some albums are fine and seem to indicate everything is matching fine (no stars) but others have a star but I can’t figure out why. That will kind of mess with my workflow because now I don’t know what I have completed (ie - anything with a star is ‘unfinished’). You can see below in the pic - comparing the Original value to the New Value, nothing seems different. However, the path at the bottom of the screen says “99%” as if something else is missing… but I don’t know what.

The only thing I can think of is the file name (in this case ‘1-01 Perform this Way’) isn’t ‘standard’…? But Picard doesn’t re-name files only tags, so every time I scan my library these files would come up as needing to be ‘fixed’ which doesn’t make much sense to me, if it’s tagging software not file organizing software… If the tags are otherwise fine it shouldn’t be flagging it.

Can anyone help me out? This is a long process and it really sucks to feel like I have to go back and check all the work I’ve done already!
(apologies if I use any of the wrong terminology - I really don’t know what I’m doing. :P)

By default Picard will also rename files, and if desired it can also move and organize them. If you do not want this, you can disable file renaming and file movement from the “Options” item in the menu bar at the top.

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There are a few instances where Picard currently indicates changes wrongly. One important part is cover art, that can quickly differ, especially when also local files get considered. Another thing are limitations in ID3v2.3, using ID3v2.4 (if your players can handle it) can help here. See e.g. [PICARD-300] Only save files if they were changed - MetaBrainz JIRA and [PICARD-1001] Cover art changes are indicated even if there's no change after loading a release - MetaBrainz JIRA