New user question: Save all complete files option?

Hello! I am not sure I am using the terminology correctly, so, let me explain what I am asking about-

  • I add folders to the left-hand panel of the application
  • MBP processes what I added into Unclustered Files, Clusters, and then in the right-hand pane, what I would assume are the already complete files, organized by album.
  • I select Unclustered and run ‘Cluster’
  • When it is done, I select Clusters and run ‘Lookup’
  • When it is done, if there are any left in Clusters, I select it and run ‘Scan’
  • When that is done, the right-hand pane can end up with quite a list in it.
  • I need to select the items in the right-hand pane and save them.

If I select them all and hit save, pretty much without fail I will crash the application.

I was wondering if there is any built-in method to save what’s in the right-hand pane that is immune to this crashing? It takes HOURS for me to select a block, hit save, and wait for it to complete. Often when I do it, it seems that the program is gradually getting slower and slower… not sure about that.

Anyway, any advice would be awesome. I am processing about 500GB of music, mostly just trying to get uniform file naming and basic tag info in them. I am doing this in blocks of 40-60GB at a time.


first thing you can try is select less to save in one hit it may stop the crashing. if that douse not work then if you have any plugins enabled you can try switching them off one at a time and see if one of them are casing the problem. there is no other way to save because you are ment to check what is on the right side to see if the info (metadata) is correct. I.e. it did not select a different album.


You are asking too much of the program. Yes it can trawl through 40GB but will take a very long time. And at the end you will have a mess.

You need to work in smaller batches of a few hundred tracks at a time. Especially as you need to check the results. Picard is not magic. For example - it may recognise a track, but select the wrong album.

Also make sure you have a backup before you start in case it all goes wrong.


I knew I was opting for possible disaster- the good thing was that the albums were in named folders, many of them were complete albums, and the tracks were largely already named. I just wanted to get all my files updated with well-formatted tags.

It turned out that out of the 120GB I really cared about getting right, I only had to manually tinker with about 20 albums, which seems like an ok bargain for not having to process in much smaller batches. As it was, the total 500GB or so also came out pretty well. I call it a win over all.

I did have to figure out how to work the system though: when the tags got written wrong it was tough- I had to rename all the files, re-cluster them, select and wipe all tags and save so there was no identifying data at all, then when I re-clustered them they usually came up with the correct album and I could go ahead and re-save. Strangely, though, often it would only write the tags. I then had to re-re-re-cluster the album and save again, and the second time through it would correctly re-name the tracks.

Thanks again forthe help and a great tool!

I do still think that an option to automatically save anything that ends up in the right-hand pane would help, but, maybe just for edge cases like me, so, maybe not the best idea.

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