New user can't get the prog to do anything

“For safety reasons, we temporarily limit what new users can do. You’ll gain new abilities (and badges) as we get to know you.”

Is this why?
At his point I would be happy just to put one single mp3 file jn and have it show some info.
Have read your docs for Beginners and cant get anything happening.
Can anyone tell me why this prog does nothing at all other than put itself on the screen and take my input and do absolutely nothing with it?

If a program doesn’t do anything, it is usually because you didn’t ask it to do something.

  1. Which program are you writing about? “the prog” is rather vague. It seems that’s MusicBrainz Picard according the category you selected for your post, but …
  2. “For safety reasons, we temporarily limit what new users can do. …” is likely related to forums, totally unrelated to MusicBrainz Picard which is a desktop application.
  3. If that’s MusicBrainz Picard you are trying to do something with, check the documentation first
  4. describe what you want to do exactly
  5. the answer to your questions is No. Sorry.

Thx for quick reply. I want to drag a folder of tracks from a ripped CD that WMP has incorrectly tagged into the left pane of MB Picard and watch it use the number of tracks and the lengths of the tracks to suggest the correct tags. At the moment I get nothing, not even an error message, other than to say album not found

Read about a workflow that could work for you.
Dragging files to left pane isn’t enough.

I dragged the folder into the left pane and clicked on cluster then clicked lookup, snd the right pane remained blank. Then I clicked look up in browser and got more than 8000 abum name suggestions, none of te 50 or so suggested titles at the top of the list were in any way shape or form similar to the album title I searched for. (“Memories are made of this”)

I tell a lie, I got 208,429 suggested titles in over 8000 pages. sorry for the mistake.

I’m using version 1.4.2 in 32 bit windows 7 if that helps.

Something not making sense there. Can you kick up the Win7 snipping tool and show us the Picard screen. You can paste those images direct into a post.

Can we assume that the WMP ripped files have some basic tags?

Drop all the files of one album on the left, hit Cluster to group them together.

Now highlighted the Cluster on the left, and click LOOKUP - not Lookup in Browser. The LOOKUP button will check the tags in the files and then find a best match. Ideally working one cluster at a time to make it easier to check.

Lookup in Browser does something different and not relevant yet.

Maybe the different lookups are not too clear on that help file page. There are three different Lookup buttons on the toolbar.

Lookup - use this on a file or cluster on the left hand side. Picard then uses the contents of the tags to try and find a best match. When something is found, the tracks move to the right and are associated with a MBID of a Release in the database.

Lookup in Browser - this is for the album or track highlighted on the RIGHT hand side. It will use that MBID and take you to the database to check the release found. This also has the feature to let you click to other release in the same Release Group and find a better match. Once found, hitting the green TAGGER button will transfer that release to the Right Hand Side so you can move your files to it.

Lookup CD - this will use a CD in your CD drive to do a lookup and match in the database. One of the most accurate ways of finding a match as it uses the fairly unique Table of Contents of the actual CD.

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Lookup essentially uses the metadata that already exists to decide what release to load. Since WMP metadata is wrong, lookup usually won’t work.

Either look up the release manually in Musicbrainz and copy the URL into the Album search box at the top and then drag and drop the cluster only the Album, or right click on the cluster and use “Search for similar albums” to find the album you want.

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Today I put what I thought would be a popular CD (“The very best of Elton John”) disc 1 of 2, in and clicked on Lookup CD. It put up a window saying that the following cd’s matched, but the window was empty. Then I clicked on the Lookup Manually button and it took me to that page which initially confirmed that your database can’t find anything about Elton John, and offered some boxes to search manually. That’s cool. but why didn’t it do so automatically?
TIA for your help.

At the bottom right in the status bar, next to the down arrow. it briefly shows a number 1, then it puts up this windowimage

This is all I get from this prog. I can’t actually get it to put anything in the right pane when I click Lookup CD. There must be someone who can tell me whats wrong. I can’t even getm an error message. Was this prog written without any error reporting capability?

If the CD lookup gives no results that means nobody has submitted the disc ID yet for your release. If you click on “Lookup manually” you are given the option to search for this release on MusicBrainz. If the release already exists you can attach your disc ID to that release (and thus help to improve the database). If MusicBrainz does not yet have your release you can add it.

See also and

Please only do this if you have the original CD. If you have a CD-R copy it will usually produce a different and often unique disc ID that is not much help to others. In this case it also can explain why you don’t get a result.

You have other options to load the release into Picard:

  1. If you have already clustered your files as shown you can select the “The Very Best Of…” cluster and use the “Lookup” button. This will search on MusicBrainz using the existing tags and if it finds something it will load it on the right and match your files to it. Looking at the data you have entered this probably should work and would yield one of the releases listed on

  2. If you use “Lookup in browser” instead it will start a search in your browser. Again you can use this to find a matching release. If you have opened in any way from inside Picard the website will show a green tagger button . Clicking on it will trigger Picard to load this release on the right. Then drag your files over to the right onto the loaded release.

  3. You can always directly load any release into Picard. E.g. you probably are looking for this one: . You can copy and paste this URL into the search field inside Picard or just drag and drop it into the Picard window. Then as above drag your files over to the right onto the loaded release.

See also for an illustrated example how to load the release directly from MusicBrainz via browser search.

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As I have said, nothing happens at all
Here is my debug log. hope this makes sense.
I: 14:44:49 Plugin directory ‘C:\Program Files\MusicBrainz Picard\plugins’ doesn’t exist

E: 14:44:50 Network request error for Host not found (QT code 3, HTTP code None)

E: 14:44:50 Error loading plugins list: Host not found

E: 14:48:16 Network request error for SSL handshake failed (QT code 6, HTTP code None)

E: 14:48:16 u’SSL handshake failed’

E: 15:01:01 Network request error for SSL handshake failed (QT code 6, HTTP code None)

E: 15:01:01 u’SSL handshake failed’

E: 15:10:45 Network request error for SSL handshake failed (QT code 6, HTTP code None)

E: 15:10:45 u’SSL handshake failed’

E: 15:14:10 Network request error for SSL handshake failed (QT code 6, HTTP code None)

E: 15:14:10 u’SSL handshake failed’

E: 16:21:56 Network request error for SSL handshake failed (QT code 6, HTTP code None)

E: 16:21:56 u’SSL handshake failed’

E: 16:35:19 Traceback (most recent call last):

File “picard\util\thread.pyo”, line 46, in run

File “picard\disc.pyo”, line 49, in read

File “discid\disc.pyo”, line 55, in read

File “discid\disc.pyo”, line 152, in read

DiscError: error while reading the CD TOC

E: 16:35:47 Network request error for SSL handshake failed (QT code 6, HTTP code None)

E: 16:35:47 u’SSL handshake failed’

E: 16:36:26 Network request error for SSL handshake failed (QT code 6, HTTP code None)

E: 16:36:26 u’SSL handshake failed’

Sorry, I just saw this now. Unfortunately Picard 1.4.2 no longer works as it does not support the newer SSL certificates used by That’s also why we removed the downloads for Picard 1.4 from the website.

I think there was some discussion somewhere about this and someone had a workaround, but not sure.

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Download and install latest version instead:

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So is there a way I can use this prog without buying a new 64 bit puter with 64 bit win 10?

Hopefully you or someone else can be more specific re that workaround?

sorry but do you have a working 32 bit version?

Not for recent releases.
It was decided to stop to support 32 bits Windows 2 years ago.
See : “As such, Picard 1.4.2 will be the last version that is supported for both Windows 32 and macOS 10.7-10.10.”


At [Solved] Picard cannot fetch data from there is a description of replacing two relevant DLLs with working ones. I haven’t tested this myself, but in theory it should be possible to resolve the SSL issue in that way.

Just be aware that Picard 1.4 is otherwise no longer supported. There are bugs that have been fixed in later versions.

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