New user - can I force Picard to use the metadata

I recently ripped my CDs into directories by album using Asunder and Ripper X to get files with meta data. Can I get Picard to believe the meta data for the artist and album. Due to many compilation albums songs are put into the artist’s original album instead of picard believing the metadata. I open an album and find 2 tracks both wrong. I click on the track to find the artist and album in the metadata and then find the file for the track by artist on the left, go to the album, as per the metadata, on the right and move the file to the track. The metadata is correct. Can I get Picard to move the file to the right album per the metadata?

Yeah I didn’t understand Picard fully before using it and I don’t want to pay the price of this tedious process. My apologies in advance. The product appears designed for adding to a collection and would be perfect for that. It is the bulk job I did that is the problem.

I have screenshots but am not sure of the protocol this forum uses for sharing them.

Bulk jobs often cause problems. It is probably necessary to look at the individual releases.

If you want to keep certain tags, you can add them to the “keep list” (Options/Tags/“Preserve these tags from being cleared or overwritten…”).
But if you keep them all, then you will not benefit from using Picard. I guess you’ll have to look at the assignment of the releases one by one.

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The documentation describes some workflows how to match files to releases:

In general if you have files for the entire albums the best approach is to first use Cluster, than Lookup.

If it doesn’t find the exact album you want you can always manually lookup the proper album. See

for various ways to load releases, including the manual lookup.


Try options > metadata > preferred releases
Put the compilations slider to the bottom.

Is your metadata still correct, or did you incorrectly overwrite it with Picard earlier? I’m not too sure based on your message sorry.

Welcome to the party, Strider222~

if you still can’t find your release with the steps above, another possibility is that the compilation releases you’ve got aren’t yet in the database. you can add them by clustering the tracks, right-click, and “Submit cluster as release”

more details from the Picard docs: Submitting Cluster as a Release — MusicBrainz Picard v2.8.0rc1 documentation

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In the middle pane, I have “White Album (disc 1)”.
In the right pane there is no White Album nor The White Album.
The middle pane is all notes icons. If I select any file it says that it is from the album “White Album (disc 1)”.
Can I select the album directory in the middle pane and select save? What happens?
Currently I am finding albums in the right pane and dragging files from the left pane over and when it is complete selecting save. Now when the correct album is not there I don’t know what to do.