New to musicbrainz. What should i put in work type for different parts of a soundtrack

I came across a video game called “Shady Part of Me”. In my play-through I was mesmerized by the music used in its soundtrack. I tried to find it on spotify and other platforms, but to no avail.

I found a playlist on youtube ( I downloaded it as audio and added it to my plex server but plex couldn’t find any metadata information on it.

So, down the rabbit hole I went, trying to see how I can fix it for myself and for the rest of the world, because manually editing would be a short term solution.
That is when I found out that Plex and many other platforms use Musicbrainz for metadata management service.

I created an account and added the work to musicbrainz database.
next day I receive a note on the edits.

"parts of a soundtrack should not be type soundtrack
Style / Work - MusicBrainz

please fix all of them"

I went through the linked page and am still clueless how to approach this.

Also, I request the readers of this topic to go through the edits and let me know what to improve.

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Looks like you have got the idea right. :slight_smile:

Each part of the soundtrack should not have a type. So take the parts off of those works. Just keep the one “soundtrack” on the main one

I started adding classification of “Incidental Music” instead of soundtrack to the parts. Shall I undo that?

I can’t answer the “incidental music” question. I usually leave them blank on film soundtracks (unless someone is singing).

Description says “Incidental music is music written as background for (usually) a theatre play.” which I can see kinda fits, but I don’t think that was the aim as most of the list is classical related.

“Instrumental music” doesn’t really have a type.

Welcome to MusicBrainz!

This Steam thread links to this YouTube video posted by the game’s publisher, which seems like the closest thing that I can find to an official release.

From the same thread, it looks like the soundtrack’s composer has also posted (part of?) the soundtrack to their Soundcloud page. Those five tracks could probably be entered either as five releases of type “single” or as standalone recordings.

(A popular site that hosts hard-to-find game soundtracks also has a 16-track version that could be entered as a bootleg release. Note that we’re not supposed to add links to pirate sites, per the end of this Adding a release section.)

Regarding your edits, I think you probably want to start by entering a release (essentially an album) consisting of a recording for each song rather than a bunch of works (compositions). I haven’t used Plex, but I suspect that it queries MusicBrainz at the release/recording level rather than trying to look up works. I wouldn’t enter works unless/until you’ve entered multiple recordings of the same composition that you want to link together.

How to Add a Release - MusicBrainz describes how to enter a new release. You can select “Soundtrack” as a secondary type there.

When i select incidental music as target classification, The tooltip says,

Incidental music is music written as background for (usually) a theatre play.

If i relate that to the gameplay, that loosely fits the condition.

I must also add that the music changes between “Light version” and “Shadow version” when you switch between characters. Both light version and shadow versions are same progressions, just with different instruments and dynamics.
So neither version of a piece having Light and Shadow versions is canonically original. How do you advise me to approach that?
Right now i have added “Light Version” and “Shadow Version” as disambiguations to all the offending edits.

The aforementioned soundcloud page doesn’t seem to be the original composer. Since game was released in 2020 and soundcloud profile was created after the fact indicates that the souncloud uploads might be sampled and released there.
If you look at Focus Entertainment Community’s soundtrack release on youtube, they have given following credits in the video description.

Music composed by Nicolas Gueguen,
Vocals by Dynah,
El Bass Sylvain Daniel

Yeah, I noticed that too. Here’s Nicolas Gueguen’s Soundcloud page, although I don’t see any songs from the game there. Maybe the Steam commenter was just confused.

It probably doesn’t exist on their soundcloud page because they do not own the rights to the master of the soundtrack.
please refer to these comments on the same youtube video.

They claimed they have composed the music which is backed by the channel

And in the replies to the aforementioned comment, people are asking for it to be released on streaming platforms. The author of the comment replied that they don’t have rights to the master.

@IvanDobsky i dont seem to be able to delete entry in the external links of the Work. Is that normal? Does it automatically pick that up from wikidata?

check your open edits. Delete will be “pending” for 7 days…

Or just cancel your original add edit ( Edit #97289847 - MusicBrainz )

Great work! I’ve approved a bunch of edits, but also voted no and asked questions on some - please don’t get discouraged by that, it’s a normal part of the editing process.

By the way you can review your still open edits by going to your profile > open edits:
This might make it clearer why some things haven’t appeared yet or are highlighted yellow. You can cancel your wikipedia link removals there too.

I also added the ‘chill beats to relax to’ youtube video/bootleg download, to not conflate different tracklists (looking forward to listening, too!)

Edit: Linking recordings with works would be next on the to-do list, if you want to. I would use the Batch-add “performance of” relationships userscript to do it faster, from the artist > recordings tab.
Also adding track times, which can be made quicker by downloading/borrowing the Youtube tracks from the playlist using youtube-dl, and then automatically grabbing the times using the parser.
Don’t worry if that sounds super complicated, just take it a step at a time, no rush!