New report showing ReleaseGroups that have no Acoustid links for any of the tracks on the releases in the ReleaseGroup

I was interested to see how many release groups have acoustids submitted for at least one version of a release in the release group

1.4M do have acoustids (for at least some track in a linked release)
0.9M do not have acoustids for any tracks in the linked releases, and of these 0.5M have primary type of Album

I don’t know how useful this is but I have created report showing release artist & releasegroup ordered by release artist. I’ve limited it to albums only to cut down the numbers a bit, looking at the results it mainly comprises two groups

Studio albums for unknown artists
Live/Bootleg albums for better known artists (e.g Radiohead albunack)

I’m open to filtering out by secondary types if it would be more useful to only see official studio albums

And wondering if it would be better to just have one row per artist, and then put all the release groups in a line ?

This is top 20 artists for most releasegroups without any acoustids in any release

29714 | Various Artists
676 | [unknown]
446 | Bruce Springsteen
416 | Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
309 | Peter Alexander
278 | Blank Embrace
268 | Astral & Shit
266 | The Rolling Stones
247 | Daniel Alexander
190 | Dissecting Table
190 | Karel Gott
182 | Heino
176 | Grateful Dead
175 | Ilaiyaraaja
160 | Wilco
157 | Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
150 | The Cherry Blues Project
143 | Hair Stylistics

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I have done a version of this that concentrates on studio albums (342,000)

by only showing release status Official, release type Album and no secondary types.

The top 50 artists for this report are:

5256 | Various Artists
359 | [unknown]
277 | Blank Embrace
268 | Astral & Shit
183 | Dissecting Table
129 | Hair Stylistics
95 | Ken Martin
94 | The Birthday Bunch
89 | Claudio Nuñez
83 | Senmuth
83 | The Cherry Blues Project
82 | Midnite String Quartet
79 | The Teddybears
79 | Vitamin String Quartet
75 | Indigo
75 | Fyrce Muons
71 | 8-Bit Misfits
69 | Klaus Wiese
68 | Chris Anderson
68 | Karel Gott
67 | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
61 | sonnov
58 | Ludwig van Beethoven
54 | Peter Alexander
53 | Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
52 | Don Goliath
52 | Evergreen Avenue
52 | Böse
52 | Manuel Bonilla
49 | Mariss Jansons
46 | Heino
45 | Dos Brujos
44 | Johann Sebastian Bach
43 | The Primitive Quartet
42 | Mathias Grassow
42 | Natihil
41 | Mario Cavallero, son orchestre et ses chanteurs
41 | Steven Halpern
40 | 鄧麗君
40 | 吉田拓郎
39 | [dialogue]
39 | Oliviaway
39 | ジャッキー吉川とブルー・コメッツ
37 | Voz da Verdade
37 | Trustno1
37 | [nature sounds]
37 | Les Brown And His Band Of Renown
37 | Soulers
36 | Producciones Horizonte
36 | Koji Asano

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This result is not that surprising. There are many smaller releases with only a little interest from people. I spend a lot of time in obscure punk albums where there are often no acoustIDs, or only one or two submitted. It is not really a problem as long as the data is correct.

I’ll add albums for releases I do not own just to fill up the discography in an artist. Often I’ll source that from Discogs, but also fan sites and other trusted sources.

Lack of AcoustIDs is not lack of quality. :slight_smile:


No of course not, but it is missing data.

Missing acoustids for releases do make it harder for many tools such as SongKong, Picard, Beets etc to identify users music collections. But it is reassuring that the majority of artists in this list are so obscure (at least to me)

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Missing data, yes, but it can only be added by someone with the release. And someone who would read this report would probably already have uploaded their albums.

The bonus with obscure albums is their names tend to be more unique. So a normal Picard \ Lookup on track name works well in those cases.

I find it extra satisfying to add a new release, or new AcoustID data to an old release.

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Also as I don’t need AcoustID for any purpose myself, usually I don’t add them to the releases I add to MB, unfortunately.

Usually I only add disc ID and ISRC because they don’t require CD ripping.

Sometimes, if I rip the CD, then I will send AcoustID, of course.

And more recently, I’ve been using a Linux PC where I don’t need to rip* to submit AcoustID, so if I add the release while on this PC, I will also submit them.

* I can drag drop CD tracks from Thunar to Picard directly. There is still an issue with that, is that Picard does not know it comes from CD and it scans multiple track files simultaneously, which is not good (I think) for my CD drive. So I tend to not do it any more either.

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It’s a convenient feature but you’re only being fooled by the OS there :slight_smile:
It just pretends there are wav files on the audio CD while there are actually none. If you try to copy them what happens is in the background it is still ‘ripping’ just the same as any normal ripping software would do, there is no other way to read an audio CD. Well, maybe not quite exactly the same – I haven’t looked deeply into it – most probably it’s done in the fastest possible mode without any error checking.


I know this drag and drop is an on-the-fly rip when the file is scanned.
But if I have to do more than this quick drag and drop from Thunar to Picard on auto-scan, I don’t submit AcoustID.