New release contains two older releases - what to do?

This might be a faq, sorry for that, any link covering this issue is appreciated…

I recently bought a new cd box (HMX 2908965.69) which contains two already released recordings St. John Passion and St Matthew Passion.

Should I add a new release containing those? How can I do this?

And both passions of the new cd box have their own HMX number (2908965.66 and 2908967.69). Is this somehow relevant?

If I add a release, it should contain the cover art of the box, not of the jewel cases of the passions, right?

I’m really uncertain what to do. :fearful:

I’ve attached a picture of the box’ content:

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Yes, you should add a third release, and yes, the front should be the box front. The two existing release groups can be linked to the boxset release group with “included in”, and you should of course reuse recordings / tracklists as needed :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks, I’ve added the release.

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Do we all agree that this will be a new, separate release group? And that this RG should be “Album + compilation”?


I think that’s about right.

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Do not forget to add the genre in the tags tab :wink:

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