New idea about adding artists pictures to their pages, please your input

Hi folks :slight_smile: Have been thinking past days, about free licensed artist pictures and music (snippets) showing up at the right side of artists/recordings pages, and came to the conclusion that using Internet Archive could be the best solution not only because they as a member of the International Internet Preservation Consortium claim to stay open in future and have their databases stored with back ups worldwide like here and here, but also because they already host our Cover Art!

And, as @Freso already told us:

I still am struggling with my strange discover of Michael Buble’s song fully published at Internet Archive while it might not be free from copyrights yet, but we could ask them how it works? By writing them a letter about our wishes?

@Freso how did it go when you asked the Internet Archive about setting up a Cover Art Archive? I thought, perhaps the same way, we can ask them about setting up an Artists Pictures and Music Archive?

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If music is released under a license that allows re-distribution (e.g., all Creative Commons licenses), then the IA can just pick it up and redistribute it. There’s also the option of copyright holders uploading their own material to the IA with the express permission for the IA to (re)distribute it.

Of course, this also means that people without any claim to copyright can abuse this and upload other people’s work into their system, and the IA will only find out if someone reports it.

I was not involved with that process at all, I think. @reosarevok or @Bitmap might be the ones to ask.

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@Freso or anybody else, do you know how we can see if the music files at IA from for example Diana Krall see this page have a valid CC license for example the CCs at this page? I mean, in case MusicBrainz would have the possibility to show sound snippets on pages, could we safely link to the music as mentioned on that page? Some of the Diana Krall music even already links to MusicBrainz so it would be not a big problem I think, to let it show up on MusicBrainz?

@reosarevok or @Bitmap could you please come to this forum? Could you explain the procedure that you followed, when you asked Internet Archive about setting up the Cover Art Archive, so we might, if we want to, could follow the same procedure if we want to ask Internet Archive about setting up an Artist Pictures Archive and/or a Music Archive?

If MusicBrainz knows that a given piece of music is available somewhere (Spotify, SoundCloud, IA, Bandcamp, YouTube, …) and that somewhere has an API that we can use, it shouldn’t be that hard to embed a player for it. Just create a ticket for it: Loading... (but try and check that one doesn’t exist first please)

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A comment to ticket MBS-4628 on “Artist Picture Archive” explains “that won’t be possible” with Internet Archive.
Erratum thanks to below @Freso post: ticket MBS-4628 is just about “Artist Picture Archive”.

No. It says that it won’t be possible to automate moving over images that have previously (ie., currently) linked via the related “has picture at” AR. The comment you link to is a reply to the previous comment. It “won’t be possible” since we have no way to automate checking linked pictures for what license (if any) they’re available under—exactly the same reason we’re not currently using just any “has picture at” relationship for showing the image on the artist page, which is how this whole debate started to begin with.

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@Freso Yes they have API’s :smile: Here are the API links for Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud and for Internet Archive.

Wow this would be just great if we can have a player on the recording pages!!

I try to create a ticket, but then first have to create an account here, but then it says I have to contact an administrator so I clicked that and then I see at the page a link in black to an administrators list, but when I click it, nothing happens?

Please help? says “Account creation is temporarily disabled because of spam. Hopefully back soon! Let us know on IRC if you need an account in the mean time.” … so probably asking on IRC is the current solution.

That indeed sounds like a PITA.

You can contact the admins on IRC here:

@Freso is also easily contacted here.

Please keep in mind, though, that the ticket tracker is first and foremost a work tool for developers. “Me too”s and other chatty comments are not appreciated there.


@Freso I please like to have an account at JIRA to send in a ticket to ask for making a player to display music on recording pages from sources that have the music files available, but I cannot create an account myself due to
spam issues[quote=“derobert, post:28, topic:172477”] says "Account creation is temporarily disabled because of spam.

and Yes of course @chirlu I understand it is not a place for chatty comments but for seriously asking for a new tool to be created: a music player displaying on the right side of a recording page, that can embed music files of the recording, downloaded from available public sources :slight_smile:

Thanks @derobert, @mfmeulenbelt and @chirlu for all the info on getting an account at Jira! Update: @Freso made me an account there, so I am exploring the site there now, and the existing tickets, before sending a ticket tomorrow about the idea of adding a player for embedding music :slight_smile:

Why not only allow images that are already licensed and uploaded through Wikimedia Commons? For images to be allowed on there, their rights have already been granted by the author (which Wikimedia considers to be the original photographer, not the band or label). So the person who owns the picture’s rights has already granted their image can be used publicly. And that right is irrevocable. They cannot change their mind in the future once they said yes to Wikimedia Commons. That would assure no one could ever possibly complain about their images being used here on anywhere else.

At some point in the past Creative Commons licensed artist images from Wikimedia were shown on the artist pages. But then this happened: We were sued by a copyright troll and we prevailed! – MetaBrainz Blog

For some background on the misuse of Creative Commons licensed works read also Cory Doctorow’s article on copyleft trolls