New features on!


You may remember me from the CB Roadmap we posted a month or two ago.

First things first, a month ago, I deployed as a platform to test out new features on production CB data. This is basically the CB equivalent of

Anyways, as a follow-up, I’ve just deployed a new version of CB on beta that we think is ready for testing. The version contains a few bug-fixes and new features.

  • CB now supports comments on reviews. I plan to add support for upvoting and downvoting comments and many other things soon.

  • You can now go to your profile and select your default choice for review licenses. Earlier, we didn’t default to any license, meaning reviewers had to choose their license each and every time they wrote a new review. This should make things a bit more convenient.

  • CB also now distinguishes between the creation date and publication date of a review. This was a bug that bugged me personally a bit, because I save drafts for reviews and then only complete them a month later. Previously, the publication date on reviews was wrong, fixed now,

Go take a look!

Sidenote: A sincere thank you to everyone who contributed to CB, specifically @ferbncode, @dpmittal and our very awesome GCI students.