New feature: Series in Bookbrainz

Hello everyone !

This summer we participated in Google Summer of Code again, and @akashgp09’s proposal was accepted.

It was a pleasure working with him over the summer, and he did a great job implementing a new Series entity in BookBrainz:

This feature is currently released on our beta website and will be deployed in production very soon in production !

Please do try it out, and report any issues you might have encountered for us to fix :slight_smile:


Just tried the new feature. Good work…thx :wink:
I just miss a series/series relation field. We need this for subseries and for translated series that has different series numbers (so an alias won’t work).


I was just looking at your new additions, and saw the lacking series-series translation relationship straight away too :wink:
Thanks for trying it out, and please do keep the feedback coming if you notice anything else missing or askew !


I’ve created a ticket to track the missing Series relationships:

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A third relation variant might be predecessor / successor. There are pub. series that changed their names
throughout the years but with consecutive numbers and no generic term for the complete series.

Just an example for a “worst case” of pub. series:

please go to krimisammlung - Goldmann Verlag - Uebersicht
and translate into English

If we can handle this we can handle everything :slight_smile:

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