New Feature: Reviews are now available for BookBrainz's Edition Groups!

Hi everyone! I participated in this year’s GSoC program to introduce a new feature to allow CritiqueBrainz to review BookBrainz entities.

Today, we released a part of this feature to all the users :smile:
You can now review BookBrainz’s Edition Groups on CritiqueBrainz!!

Please go and check it out, and thank you for your time!


Amazing work ansh! :tada::tada::tada:

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Can we review works?
Sorry if my questions are dumb, I’m new to BB.

Ah, I checked and the answer is not yet.

It seems we can have several edition groups for the same work (same text).

I am wondering if I would ever review an edition group, they still look like abstract technical kind of blurry thing to me and not directly visible in the BB website, from an author or work page.

Unlike in music, where the interpretation (recording) of a work is important.
In books, a different packaging does not change the text itself and one review for the work is enough.

I understand we could need to say this or that edition, like Pocket 7122, is full of typos.
But I think it’s not worth the effort.

I think most of the time we mean to review the work.

Yes, support for other BB entities is coming, including works and authors.
An Edition Group is a bit like a Release Group in MB, it’s a collection of Editions, which are physical things that you can hold. Remember that books can be things like anthologies, or magazines, or books of poems and so they can have multiple works in them, and so someone may wish to review either the printed book itself, or only one work inside it.
You are right that in the general case of one book == one work, we will have to set some guidelines about which entity someone should review or alternatively, group reviews together when this happens. We still have 6 weeks remaining on the project so there is time to try some alternative options and see what works best.


one hiccup I might foresee—specifically with authors… are there plans for handling authors/artists who have both a MusicBrainz artist and a BookBrainz author? since MusicBrainz includes audiobooks, there’s likely many examples, including J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and many more. in theory, they should have URL relationships one or both directions, like the two examples above.

or maybe we specifically want to keep them separate, to have some music/audiobook reviews and some book reviews, but never the two shall meet…


A follow-up to this thread, @anshgoyal31 has just finished support to review authors, bookbrainz works (we call them “literary works” to distinguish them from MB works), and series. Please let us know if you see any problems.

We have some short-term plans to improve the pages on CB that show entities, and related items (e.g. we might want to group reviews for works and edition groups of the same thing), we’re still working on plans for this. You can follow along at CB-442.

Yes, this is currently a stretch goal of @anshgoyal31’s SoC project. The idea will be that if there is a relationship in MB or BB saying that these two artists/authors are the same, we’ll group all reviews for them together on the same page.