New BookBrainz release: v-2023-05-24.0

Hello everyone!
I realize I have not been regular at all with these update forum posts, but here I am today to let you know the website has been updated, with one main new feature thanks to @kellnerd who added Wikipedia extracts for all entities with a Wikidata ID :tada:.

Before anyone mentions it, we are aware that longer extracts need to be collapsed by default with an option to expand them, like we do for annotations; that’ll be for the next release! :wink:

You can check out the full release notes here or all previous releases here


Wanting to see what it looked like, I pulled up this page as an example. A very nice improvement, I think. Well done, lads!


This is great, @mr_monkey. Thanks to you and everyone else putting in the time to move BB forward. Especially @kellnerd, the Wikipedia extract makes all the difference.

I don’t like the huge “Wikipedia” heading and was going to suggest removing it, like in MB… And then I actually looked at MB, which has exactly the same heading… it’s just all the headings are smaller, and it has the same colour as the tab above, so it stands out less. I would still like it to at least be subtler, the section endnote already makes it clear where the text comes from, it’s properly credited; but at the most this is a pet peeve, it doesn’t really matter.