New BookBrainz release: v-2022-06-21.0

This update is mainly about improving performance and updating some dependencies.

However we have brand new user features ready for testing on

  • Author Credits: These allow you to attribute an Author to an Edition and customize how the author’s name appears on the cover. This is useful for example for books credited to a pseudonym, as well as multi-author compilations credited to one of the authors on the cover.
  • Multiple publishers: In some rare cases, an Edition can have multiple Publishers; it is now possible to enter multiple publishers in the Edition page
  • Show current progress for each achievement in the achievements page, and fix the explorer achievement while we’re at it
  • And a few other small improvements and fixes

As always, feedback is very welcome; feel free to add yours in this thread.


The author alias feature works fine so far…no problems found.
I just had a look at the new achievement site. This doesn’t seem to work correctly. My unlocked achievements look like this:

Worker Bee III : 1/100 - after a lot of calculations I get a different result :wink:

The conditions for the explorer achievements are probably just met, but they remain unlocked.
Maybe there are other conditions of how to “view different entities”. If you have to put on a friendly face
while viewing, this should be mentioned in the conditions for the achievements :wink:


Found an issue: tried to add another author to the Koržetsi suur kalaraamat (EditionGroup) – BookBrainz but the Edit button does nothing there?


Thanks @spUdux !
We ran into this issue too and the fix is already on its way.
Next update will fix this bug.


Sorry for the delay @spUdux, the fix is now live on (along with some new features)