Nested quotes

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How should nested quotes (quotes within quotes) be handled? Should I use single quotation marks within double quotations marks, as in standard English? Or double within single? Or single/double in both cases?

Or should I just follow whatever is on the tracklist?


What is used on the printed package?
You can follow them.
A link to your example would help. :wink:

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I would use single quotation marks nested within double quotation marks.


Quotation marks are language-specific. According to Wikipedia, in most languages there are several (mostly two) levels of quotation marks which alternate to show nested quotations. This table contains 1st and 2nd level of quotation marks for languages which support this feature.

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The tracklist has:

Triumphmarsch zum Trauerspiel Tarpeja von Kuffner, WoO 2a, Hess 117 (‘Triumphal March for the Tragedy “Tarpeja” by Kuffner’)

Thanks for the link, alex_s7! Honestly, I had no idea that double-within-single was the standard in the UK. Perhaps the manufacturer (Naxos) prefers British punctuation. Though, if that were the case, it’s kind of odd that they seem to prefer double quotation marks to single for regular quotes. Hmm…

At any rate, it looks like it might be fine to just leave it as is, then.