Need your opinion on apostrophe look-alike characters

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Hello to the community.
There exists a band named Rock’o’co with no further explanation or any ideas on the artist intent to write it anyhow, so I want to make it clear once for all.
Should apostrophes ( ’ ), modifier letter primes ( ʹ ), modifier letter apostrophes ( ʼ ), modifier letter vertical lines ( ˈ ), combining vertical lines ( ̍ ), right single quotation marks ( ’ ), primes ( ′ ) or maybe some other symbols be used in the name?
Thanks in advance.

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Every time I use an apostrophe, someone comes and changes it based on the style guide.

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I see what you are trying to refer to here :slight_smile:
There is a guideline on using right single quotation marks (curved ones) prior to straight ones, but this particular one is not quite the case, because it is not the case of apostrophe usage at all.

While usually ‘n’ is a shortened “and”, here it is a word play, ‘o’ does not really stand for anything, it only divides “Rock” and “co” I guess. Though I think the rule on shortened “and” would work anyway.

Here they use different apostrophes for the one before and after “n”, and here they are treated the same way (well I see it is not a very reliable source of information).
That is why I ask people of MetaBrainz to help me out.

Just use the curly apostrophe ’ as usual, unless you see their cover arts say otherwise consistently.
Those not using it for rock ’n’ roll are just mistaking as they replace the a and the d.

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I’m pretty sure it’s not just dividing rock/co but signaling the dual intention “rock” and “rococo”.


Still apostrophes here do not replace any letter, like “a” and “d” in case of “and” and ’n’.

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Looks to me like the apostrophes are replacing dashes, so artist name: Rock-o-co could be synthesised.

(Around “artist intent” and “data from spine” I follow community standards cause I think consistency is important, but in my heart I’m very much “as it appears”. And I think in this case “as it appears” might be better than anything else.)

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Here is cover art.
I know it’s actually more like “Denis Kalinsky & Rock’o’Co”, but this is the next step.

Google search snippets show the capital C to be important - edited - with Co being a common abbreviation of Company.
(Editet as a new Google search shows no instances of “Rock’o’Co.” form. ???)

Does Dennis or Rock’o’Co. ever perform/record without eachother? If not I don’t know if they would usually be made separate artists. (Meaning “I really don’t know”, not " I think not".)

They don’t perform or make tapes nowadays. They were never actual separate artists, of course, it is just some random name for this particular release. Denis is a part of absolutely different band. This one is composed and produced by him though.
By “the next step” I assume I need to get apostrophe stuff clear.