Need some help in learning classical various artists edit

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Need some help in applying the correct album artists. This is a highly varied release, how to do it right? My edit so far:

We generally follow the front cover for release artists, which for this album would probably make it what you entered, but with a comma (“Rachmaninov; Moura Lympany, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Malcolm Sargent”). The title should then also follow the front cover though, which would imply dropping any mentions of Prokofiev from it AFAICT :slight_smile:

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Thanks, one more. I’ve learned how to batch-add relationships via script, but is there a script to batch-change the recording artist, like is needed here:

Yes, sure: “Replace recording artists from a Release page” on the loujine’s Github page.

Even more links to useful scripts in the wonderful The Classical Editor Toolbox collected by @reosarevok.

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That seems to have worked… after looking for the action buttons for a bit :slight_smile: