Need help witth script to copy one tag to another within the same album

I’ve read the manual but I still battle with this, and it can’t be that complicated. I’ve got albums that have the ‘Original Year’ set but not the “Original Release Date”. What I need is a script that takes the year from the “Original Year” tag and copies that to the “Original Release Date”, converted to a properly formatted date (say, 1 January). E.g. if the “Original Year” is 1981, the “Original Release Date” should be 01-01-1981. Not exactly rocket science I’m sure but I can’t seem to get it working at all. :frowning:

Also, when do scripts run? Can they be invoked manually and applied selectively to only certain albums?

This is explained in the Scripts section of the documentation.

No, but you can create different Option Profiles with the different scripts enabled, and then quickly enable or disable the appropriate profile before processing an album.

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You could use something like this:


It’s untested, but give it a try.

Yes, you can run them manually via the context menu of a release, track or file.


Oh, right. I keep forgetting about that.

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That did the trick! Thank you so much!!

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