Need help with tagger and manual look up [Details inside]

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Hi MusicBrainz Pickard forum :slight_smile:

Background infomation

I have been processing my music for the last 9 months and have finally gotten down to the albums that need some more finer editing with the manual tagger.

I really need someone to help me with this as I am not clear on what I should be doing when processing my music manually.

I don’t really understand how to use the tagger function either.


I am hoping there is someone kind enough who maybe able to Skype and screen share with me to show me how to manually tag my music as I tend to learn better visually.

If you are free today, tomorrow or over the weekend and feel you can help me please leave me a message.

Any help or support from anyone no matter how small would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Picard is not designed as a tool to manually add tags.
it is a tool to retrieve data from and use that information to tag your music.
The best way to use it is to edit the website and add the music there so everyone can benefit from the information.
You can use it to manually add tags if you wish but that is not what it was designed for.


Hi @dns_server,

Perhaps I wasn’t being clear, or more likely I haven’t worded my question correctly. But maybe you can help me be more clear?

If you take a look at the picture below I want to get my track tagged to Gold Disk standard, but there are some things that are incorrect.

Track 10 and track 14 in the picture below are showing that something isn’t quite right.

What do I need to do to correct the outstanding tracks?


Drag snd droo the yellow song in to the right place.
Ocasianally picard gets things in the wrong order and occasianlly the acoustid fingerprint of 2 songs is similar enough to get the wrong track.


Hi @dns_server,

I have dragged and dropped the yellow song back over the the left hand side which has cleared the issue.

Can you give me any advice on how to correct track 14 please?


Since 14 still has the note icon, that means Picard didn’t find any match for it in that particular set of files; given what happened to 10, it likely thought that your file for track 14 was actually meant to be for 10. You can verify that by selecting the previously-yellow song and (before doing anything else) looking at the bar at the very bottom of the window, where it should show the path where the file is saved on your computer. If it is track 14, drag it back from the left pane – or directly from 10 if it’s still there – and dropping it onto 14.



Dude! Your are a genius!!!

I have no idea how you knew that or worked it out but you were 100% correct.

Check it out when I click the pervious yellow song it was indeed track 14!

If I post some more tracks that I am having issues with, would you be willing to help me get a few more fixed please? :slight_smile:


Definitely glad to help! What else are you running into? And that’s something I’ve had to deal with in my own library – I’m just rather picky about what tags Picard overwrites, so I pay pretty close attention to that lower panel.



I’m so pleased you are helping me! It makes me feel relieved that my music isn’t stuck in limbo, I was getting worried that I would never get this project completed. It’s a total weight off my mind getting some help with this!

So below is another example.

[I’ve had a quick check on wikipedia]( and can see there is a couple of different version of this album. I think Pickard thinks there might be some track missing, but I think it is incorrect and that what I have is a complete album.

What should I do to make it go gold? :slight_smile:

P.S. wondering if you might be free to help me further tomorrow? Please let me know :thumbsup:


Looking at the versions MusicBrainz knows about, Picard’s probably chosen the fifteen-track album because the others only have ten tracks while you have eleven you’re trying to match. If you know that all eleven files are actually from the same album and that one’s not just an extra you picked up from somewhere, then you can add it yourself (preferably with a link or scans showing the eleven-track tracklist, since I didn’t see it on the Wikipedia page). Either way, if you right-click the bolded album title and open the “Other versions” submenu, you’ll see a list of every one in the database and can select the version that matches your copy. If you wind up choosing one of the ten-track albums, the extra track will probably be put onto track four as well, and you can then handle it like you did with track ten in your first picture.

And, yeah, I’ll be around and free tomorrow. I haven’t done much with Skype, but could give it a shot if that would be more helpful, or if the responses here are working well enough I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread as well.



You helped me fix another album! Thank you for sharing so much knowledge and insight with me.

I’ll be back online in about 12 hours or so. I will ping you a message when I am back.

Hopefully you can help me complete this project tomorrow.

If we could set up screen sharing I’m sure we could blast through tagging these last albums.

Looking forward to talking to you more and a huge massive thank you to you for all your help!


Sounds like we might be on different time zones – twelve hours from now is the middle of the night here. Would nineteen or twenty hours from now work for you? I could push it sooner, but we’d need to arrange that ahead of time so I can wake up early enough. Sorry for the trouble!


Realized I should probably give you my Skype account: woventales, same as it is here, just matching their formatting.


Thanks I just added you @WovenTales,

I plan to be free in the next couple of hours.

I will send you a message on here if I can’t see you on Skype.

Thanks for your continued help and support :slight_smile:


I can see you aren’t on Skype at the moment @WovenTales.

Can we try again tomorrow please?


Sorry, I have it open, but it doesn’t seem like it sent me any notification of your contact request. If you still have time, maybe try again or give me your username to see if it works any better in that direction?


Otherwise, yeah, we can see if tomorrow works out.


Hey I’m still here @WovenTales,

How can I send a private message to you with my Skype ID?

I keep adding you on Skype but it’s obviously not showing up on your end.


I’m not actually sure Discourse (this forum software) supports private messages. There should be an email link on my MusicBrainz account page that will work well enough, though.


Hey @WovenTales, did my email get through to you?