Need help with sorting

Tried for 2 months and read everything and just can’t get it to do what I want

  1. When the files load up and I save them it does not put all the files in the same folder, it makes other folders. I would like for all the files that show to be complete albums to be put in 1 single folder with all the tracks.

  2. When saving I would like it to make the folder artist name reversed like
    The Beatles to be
    Beatles, The or
    Beatles - The

  3. When saving them like The Beatles , it makes a folder B and puts the Beatles in the B folder

  4. When saving the files that have more than 1 cd make folders for the other cds, like CD1 CD2 and so on.

Most of this is covered in my response at:

I suggest you try the following naming script and see if that does what you require:

%albumartistsort%/%album%/$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),CD%discnumber%/,)$num(%tracknumber%2) - %title%

If I’ve misunderstood what you’re looking for in terms of format, please let me know.


rdswift it did exactly what I needed it to do, thank you so much.
After reading and your explanation on the commands for what each of them do makes it simple to understand, the only command I can not find in the scripting page is how to format the Artist Name like (The Beatles) to move The to the end of the name like

Beatles, The
Beatles - The

This would only be for the folder name of the Artist when it moves the files to the new folder B

What command would it use and where would it be placed in here

$upper($firstalphachar(%albumartistsort%,nonalpha="#"))/%albumartist%/$left($if2(%date%,%originaldate%,0000),4) - %album%/$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),Disc %discnumber%/,)$num(%tracknumber%,2) - %title%

Thanks for all your help


All you would need to do is change %albumartist% to %albumartistsort%. The resulting command would be:

$upper($firstalphachar(%albumartistsort%,nonalpha="#"))/%albumartistsort%$left($if2(%date%,%originaldate%,0000),4) - %album%/$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),Disc %discnumber%/,)$num(%tracknumber%,2) - %title%

Hope I understood you correctly and this helps.

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That did the trick, thanks for your help