Need help with crediting release

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Sorry, i posted this on wrong forum, but cannot delete this and repost in correct one. :slight_smile:

Greetings. Would like to ask how to correctly enter credits for 2 releases (and following releases in
future if i would meet them). Its a trailer music version of a classic works.

1st release:

As you can see here are not much credits at all, not even trailer composer, though classical composers present on spotify page. Here is the extracted data from GEMA for this release:

2nd release:

Here also presented both trailer and classical composers, though i wasnt able to find works in PRO (may be there are no them yet, since release is quite “fresh”).

So what you suggest here?

In general, I’d say what you have now seems fine, but I’d link the works to the classical originals with “based on”. I assume if they give them different names etc then they’re meant to be different works.