Need a way to solve incorrect "listens"

I’m noticing a lot of listens going in incorrectly. It’s mostly remixes going in as the release song. There really should be a way to “correct” these mistakes.

Click this


Ok that button could use a better name.

Anyways what I’m noticing is that there seem to be remixes that often aren’t added, and it’s just ignoring the tags on the song and “correcting” a song to something it isn’t.

@rob is the above connected to us stripping out some stuff in brackets? Not sure, just checking if it’s something we should be aware of.

Any suggestions?

Perhaps something like identify/connect/link? It probably should say something else if the recording is already linked, anyway, but keen to hear your thoughts.

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No, that is an aspect that makes all of this work.

Which track in MusicBrainz do you think the “(Hot) the Moon” track should link to? Often times remixes don’t get mapped because they are not in MusicBrainz, but I need to get more information about the original track that was listened to, in order to tell for sure.

Sorry, that was just me showing how to do it with my own listens. That one is mapped correctly :+1:

OK, in order to help you I need to know:

  1. The artist/track of the track you played.
  2. The incorrect artist/track of the track that it was matched to.

Then I can look at the problem and tell you more.

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