Naming of "the Rubinstein Collection" releases and series. (Classical Style Guideline)

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I’m looking at “the Rubinstein collection” - which seems to be a ongoing, never-ending, re-named and re-cover-arted thing.
Q1. What distinguishes one series from another series? Does significantly different cover-art with significantly different naming convention make those releases part of another series?

Q2. How is a series to be named? then is not generous about naming, distinguishing or definition.

Q3. How is a release in a series to be named?
Is this release well named?
The Rubinstein Collection, Volume 38: Piano Concerto no. 2, 2 Intermezzos, Rhapsody
Note that “The Rubinstein Collection” does not appear on the front CA or spine or rear CA. “Collection” does appear in the pdf CA of the booklet.
If I use Style / Titles then does “Extra title information
Additional information on a release or track name that is not part of its main title, but intended to distinguish it from different releases or tracks with the same main title (such as version/remix names or live recording info), should be entered in parentheses after the main title.”, apply?

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I would say it DOES appear on the left side of the front cover, looking like a spine: as it appear on the CD and the PDF.

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about the style and naming questions.


You are absolutely correct, “Collection” DOES appear on the spine.
My error.

To be clear for others, with CSG “For releases of physical media, the Release Title will be sourced from the front cover” my questions about release title and series naming remain valid.

Neither label nor series names should be part of the title, as far as I know. However, I can’t tell you where i picked this up and if this is some official guideline. But I think it makes perfect sense.

An example: The title of The Rubinstein Collection, Volume 43: Music of France: Ravel / Poulenc / Fauré / Chabrier / Debussy should just be “Music of France”, in my opinion. (Composers should not be in the title unless they are embraced in a linguistic phrase with the rest of the title or unless there is no other title.)

I have created this release to upload my existing covers.
You can find the edit history with the help of @reosarevok here:

I’ve created this edit to remove series and composer names. Let’s see what happens!

CSG seems to say that should be “Piano Concerto no. 2 / 2 Intermezzos / Rhapsody” as it’s a list of works by the same composer (“use the works as credited and separate them with a slash.”)

I put in and to change.