Name of Artist

Hello! I’m interested in how you could change the style of the artists name.
For example, instead of “Michael Jackson”, I’d like to have “Jackson, Michael”. I already found a workaround, but isnt there a more straightforward way?

My workaround: Let them save normally, but with another file name (instead of Artistname I’m using artistsortname) and then get the tags from the filename.
Do you have any more information or do you have any less difficult way?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You should be able to do something like $set(artist, %artistsort%) IIRC

But I would suggest that ensure you understand the concept of sort artists because usually you would just store the value you want in the SortArtist field only

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Umm, I’m fairly new to MBP, where do I have to set it? I already tried to put it in Settings, Advanced, Scripting, but it didnt work.