Muted tags still showing in Latest

Hello @Freso, hello @reosarevok,
Happy new year!

I have an issue with my Muted tags (or tag actually) that still show up in the Latest page (the default page for me).
It seems that it’s when I add the tag myself to the topic that it is the case.
Because topics bearing this tag from the beginning are well hidden.

Before asking in Meta Discourse I would like to know if we have this new default setting set in our forum (I don’t know where you will find that):

remove muted tags from latest: always

Seems like no:

Let me look into this some more.

Edit: I set the value to “always” now, since that seems to be the default per the linked post in meta.discourse. I was tempted to go with “when used alone or with other muted tags”, but decided to go with Discord’s chosen default for now.

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Thank you very much, @Freso !