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Hello all,

what is the best way to get Genre on my music?
I am currently using musicbrainz 2.1.2
we have quite a few different results.
what are you guys using?

I have some results when using the album U2 - Joshua tree as an example
auousticBrainz Mood-Genre - 8 seconds most tracks - electronic/trance/roc/jaz or electronic/ambient /roc/jaz
lastFM 0.8- 3 seconds Classic rock/irish/pop/alternative/rock/u2/80s
Wikidata-genre 1.2 - 2 seconds Alternative Rock/Rock Music

I have some results when using the album Shaggy - lucky day as an example
auousticBrainz Mood-Genre - electronic/house/hip/roc & electronic/ambient/hip/roc
lastFM 0.8 - 3 seconds dancehall/rnb/pop/hip-hop/reggae and we are the ones (song title)/dancehall/rnb/pop/hip-hop/reggae/Rar33
Wikidata-genre 1.2 - 2 seconds most reggae 1-off pop music/reggae/rhythm and blue/soul music

I have some results when using the album queen - deep cuts as an example
auousticBrainz Mood-Genre - electronic/house/roc/jaz & electronic/ambient/rhy/jaz
lastFM 0.8 - 3 seconds classic rock/hard rock/british/queen/80s/rock/glam rock/70s & classic rock/hard rock/heavy metal/thrash metal/british/queen/80s/rock/glam rock/speed metal/metal/70s
Wikidata-genre 1.2 - 2 seconds all art rock/glam rock/hard rock/heavey metal/pop rock/prog rock/psychedelic rock/rock music/traditional heavey metal


I think the following thread should fully answer your question:

Just note that the bug mentioned there where Picard cannot get the genres other than those directly on the release will be fixed soon with the next server update and an updated version of Picard.

Just wanted to put this right, because this is a common misunderstanding: There is no MusicBrainz 2.1.2. There is MusicBrainz, which is the name of the open metadata database you can find and contribute to on

Then there is MusicBrainz Picard, or often just Picard, which is a music tagger allowing you to tag and organize your files with the data from MusicBrainz. The current version of Picard is 2.1.2, this is what you have installed. And while Picard is the “official” tagger from the MusicBrainz project, it is not the only one. Plenty of other music tagging applications make use of MusicBrainz.


thank you for your help.