MusicBrainz VM to use another DB?

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I’ve converted the MusicBrainz VBox to be used in Google’s Compute Engine.

Google now has a Postgresql DBaaS that I would love to try and use for MB.

I’m assuming the I would have to first stop the server, dump the DB, and import it into the DBaaS.

However, after that, I’m not sure where I would need to update the code to point to the correct DB so replication will replicate to the correct DB.

Any help?



You may not be able to use the postgresql DBAAS as the musicbrainz database contains the musicbrainz_unaccent and musicbrainz_collate extensions to postgres.
If you use the google managed database you do not have the ability to add your own custom extensions but can only use the extensions that google provide and would need to request that they add our extensions to the list.

This is not stopping you from creating a vm and running a database yourself but that does not have the advantages of getting google to do this maintenance.

Deploying MusicBrainz on Google Cloud

The source code for the server is available from
There is also that contains just the database setup and ability to replicate the database.
If you are setting it up yourself it may be easier to use one of these to install the software and import a full database dump:

Google compute has support for running docker containers.
The musicbrainz software is already configured to run in containers you may be able to move these out of the vm and have these as containers on google compute engine.