MusicBrainz Server VM on custom domain behind reverse proxy


Hello, I am stuck…
I am trying to run MusicBrainz Server VM, everything went pretty smoothly. Server was accessible on server_ip:5000 and looked OK.
Then I wanted to make server accessible through proxying (using HAproxy) to server_ip:5000

I have added

sub WEB_SERVER { "" }

to /home/musicbrainz/musicbrainz-server/lib/

I have tried to add


as environment variable, but I don’t know if I applied it correctly and if it is applied

Page on tries to load, but loads only partially with broken layout and bunch of links going to “ :5000” which is obviously wrong…

Can anybody please tell me what needs to be done to have web working behind proxy on custom domain name?


The plackup startup is only really intended to test that everything’s running.
If you’re going to use it in more serious context, you’ll probably want to set up a “real” web server.
Sounds like nginx would match your situation rather well.


I think plackup might be enough for me, but I am not against setting up nginx or Apache or something… But I can’t even find who is autostartig plackup, where is that defined?


I only installed mb-server for testing the web service locally, so I just manually run plackup when I need it. Fraid I can’t help you further.


Thank you for trying anyway :slight_smile: